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Northborough Southborough Girls Lacrosse (NSGL) program's mission is to provide a fun, safe environment to teach and honor the game of lacrosse in a positive manner. NSGL will teach and promote good sportsmanship and respect by all players towards coaches, teammates, officials and opposing teams.

NSGL is a lacrosse program for girls in grades 1-8 in our communities. NSGL offers a welcoming environment for new players at any age level, equal playing time for all players and balanced teams for all age groups. Our hope is for all girls to experience playing all the positions on the field including goalie.

Spring is the Season for Lacrosse

Spring is the main season for lacrosse. NSGL is part of Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League (MBGLL) - the seasons runs from mid-March through the second week of June with the MBGLL Jamboree in Chelmsford.

The girls are organized in four age/grade groupings:  U9 (Grades 1/2), U11 (Grades 3/4),  U13 (Grades 5/6), and U15 (Grades 7/8.)  Balanced teams will be formed in each age/grade group. Games are on Sundays, primarily in the afternoons. Lacrosse is a three-days-per-week commitment.. Each age group practices twice during the school week and plays games on Sundays.


Lacrosse is a team sport. Team sports require commitment to the team. In addition to developing individual skills, players must also learn to play with teammates. The shared experience of teamwork is one of the most rewarding aspects of playing lacrosse. All players are expected at all practices and games. From time to time, situations may arise which will cause a player to miss a practice. We understand things come up and there is no need to notify the coach for an occasional missed practice. If a player will have to miss a game, please notify the coach as early as possible.

** For systematic conflicts (such as overlapping schedules with other sports or activities) families are asked to discuss the conflict with their coach and work out a satisfactory solution.

US Lacrosse Membership

NSGL (along with MBGLL) asks families to register players with US Lacrosse annually. The youth membership offers insurance coverage, subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine (you may opt out), how-to videos, etc. For full details, please visit: https://www.uslacrosse.org/membership. NSGL insurance coverage depends on players and coaches having a US Lacrosse membership/insurance.

Volunteer Coaches

All of our coaches are volunteers. Many are parents/siblings and most have lacrosse experience. If you are interested in coaching, regardless of experience, there are courses available to help you get started. US Lacrosse offers in-person and online courses. All coaches are asked to take US Lacrosse certification courses along with a PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) course and a Concussion Training course online. MSGLL will issue coaching cards for all head coaches in 2018 and all head and assiatant coaches in 2019.


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